• Reverse Engineering

    Reverse Engineering

    Fast and Accurate Reverse Engineering Services Increase Efficiency in Legacy Product Documentation and New Product Development,
    Cutting Your Time to Market

  • Inspection and Interrogation

    Dimensional Inspection and Form Analysis Through Probing and 3D Scanning of Parts and Assemblies to View Your Product in a New Light

  • On-Site CMM Software Training

    Training and Consultation

    Training in the Latest Software / Hardware for Portable Metrology and 3D Scanning Giving Your Team the Knowledge Needed to Make the Tools Perform


Veritas Engineering Services Inc. can supplement and expand your current measurement capabilities. We are dedicated to ensuring your project continues to move forward, while providing you with the accurate data crucial to your project. Our 3D Metrology Services range from traditional inspections to root cause analysis and reverse engineering, as a result, your needs are quickly met. Our clients benefit from our experience in working with many data capture techniques and data processing workflows. Veritas has proven adept in the documentation, modernization and improvement of a plethora of products. From medical devices to marine vessels and even power generation plants, Veritas is your reliable source for 3D metrology services. Learn more about Veritas on our about page or for a list of services we provide see our services page.