About Veritas

Veritas Engineering Services Inc. provides our clients with results to quickly move forward with their projects. We are experienced in many forms of 3D Metrology and 3D data acquisition and processing techniques. We work hard to tailor a workflow that suits your needs and expectations.

Our team specializes in the capture and processing of 3D Metrology for Inspection/Interrogation, Reverse Engineering, and Product Development. Understanding that the results our clients need are not always the results they request, we work hard to determine the best process to provide this vital information. Clients can see their challenges in a new light, helping them to navigate the data captured from their projects.

Experience is key, and our technicians have worked on countless projects in every industry imaginable. We are challenged regularly by clients to provide data in situations where no one has previously attempted to gather such data. If you would like to learn more or have questions please visit our services page or contacts us.

Veritas has the experience, equipment and software needed to define a workflow that delivers vital information to our clients quickly, keeping projects moving in the right direction: Forward.