CASE STUDY: Weldment Analysis / Capability Study

  • Refuse Truck
  • Weldment Fixture Repair
  • Weld Sequence Editing

The Problem

A large truck manufacturer wanted to implement changes to manufacturing that meant a major paradigm shift for their industry. It required a higher level of control over the quality of components and 100 percent interchangeability of weldments being fabricated to keep costs low and increase production.

The Project

The project started with a capability study which included in-house and purchased parts, sub-weldments and weldments alike. Veritas traveled to the manufacturer and its vendors sites to collect data on all the components of a 30-truck sample capability study, including every component to be welded into the assembled body of this new truck. Working with the customer’s engineering and quality teams Veritas provided the vital data needed to improve product quality and conformity over an 12-month period.

The Veritas Solution

Most of the fixtures used to position the components of the weldments were manufactured and zeroed by a very reputable tooling manufacturer. Veritas’ experienced techs were able to introduce the data needed to perform weldment analysis of the welded components. With reliable data captured, adjust the fixturing to correct form errors associated with the processes of creating weldments was possible. An estimated 40-50 man hours were shaved off the build of each refuse truck, enabling the customer to recoup the cost of the entire capability study in less than 18 months. If you have a similar project you would like to discuss please contact us.

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