3D Scan Pricing Comparison

A quick lesson on 3D scan pricing. A project estimated to last 2 weeks was awarded to another service group base on the competition’s hourly rate being 12% lower than ours. To win the future business with the client Veritas offered to scan a sample of the parts asking the prospective client to compare our results and those of the competitor in both time and quality. A sample of 7 mating components were chosen by the client and the results were as follows….

Set Up and Calibration

Veritas                                  15 minutes

Competitor X                     1 hour

Probing and Laser Scanning 7 components

Veritas                                  3.25 hours

Competitor X                     8.5 hours

Post Processing and Delivery

Veritas                                  45 minutes (USB 2.0 Thumb drive)

Competitor X                     Unknown


As of 9 months later Competitor X had returned to re-scan multiple parts and did not deliver all the files. The last recorded time Competitor X claimed for the project veritas quoted @ 80 hours was 250 hours 3 months after the project began. Veritas completed 3 similar projects for the customer in that 3-month time frame. Veritas was able to set up, scan and post process the scans in 4.5 hours including having them saved to the customers USB drive before leaving the site.

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